Alma to Howard City

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Mid-Michigan Railroad)

In 1987, this line ended in Edmore and was pulled right after this date.

Richard Roberts


This railroad runs through my dad's property. He lives on Tamarack rd near Fitzner rd in Lakeview. He bought the property in the 1950s and still lives on it in 2013. I used to walk down those tracks back in the 70s when I was a kid. Great memories.

Kay Wood-Brown
Grand Rapids, MI


I'm a history buff and inquiring information on the 12.46 miles of ex C&0 rail between Lakeview and Edmore abandoned in 1973. Was this trail/short line sold by C&O to adjacent land owners? If not then who purchased it? Who owns it now? I see that the local farmers bulldozed it over where it crossed their fields.....assuming they purchased sections of it? Just curious and never really heard how it all went down. Thanks for your time and any info you can provide would be awesome.

Josh Paulson
Coral, MI


I was the Pennsy Agent at Howard City in 1964.The PM section was long gone then.

jack kinney
mcdonald, PA


My grand father"s farm is on Tamarack rd near Amble MI and the railroad ran right behind the barn. I grew up there and the farm is still in the family owned by my brother Charlie. My dad Ora always talked about jumping the train and going to Howard City just for fun. Seemed like an exciting part of his life growing up.

larry kohler
howard city MI, MI


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