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(Forwarded from the McComb, Deshler & Toledo Railroad)

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Rail Trail ends at Broad Avenue; the former right-of-way continues across Broad Avenue towards I-75. Photo by Bryan Miller, June 2012.

In 1874 the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad constructed a roughly 10-mile rail line from Findlay, Ohio northwest to McComb, Ohio. Around the same time, the McComb, Deshler & Toledo Railroad, later under the control of the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad, established the rest of the line taking a northwestern route from McComb to Deshler passing through the town of Deweyville. The line from Findlay to McComb was abandoned sometime in the 1980's.

Most all of the right-of-way has been consumed by urban and agricultural development. Some small remnants of the Findlay-to-McComb route are still visible along the power transmission lines or along road grades and small wood lots. A paved rail-trail covers over 2 miles of the abandoned line from Broad Avenue east to Cory Street in Findlay (easternmost terminus) along the Blanchard River. At that point, the ROW is still visible up to the I-75 overpass designating where the route headed northwest out of Findlay. Beyond that, urban development has consumed much of the line west out of Findlay.

Thanks to Bryan Miller for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 25278 Date: 8/29/1968 Section: 1(18)
Appl. for auth. to abandon 2 portions of its Findlay Br., approx. 17.6 miles; an 8.4 miles portion extending betw. Deshler Jct. and the northwest side of McComb, and a 6.5 mile portion extg. betw. the southeast side of McComb and a point about 2 miles northwest of Findlay, all in Henry, Wood and Hancock Counties, Ohio.
Length: 17.6 miles Citation:  

I have a question more than a comment. Why would the B&O build an isolated line from Findlay to McComb or was it a joint undertaking by the B&O and the McComb Deshler and Toledo? Thanks Hope to hear from you.


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Do You Know If The Railroad still owns parts from Deweyville to Deshler and Thank you for you Work On this My Dad Told me About the Rides he Took on this Railroad i think he Called it the Punkinvine

or Maybe Old Padooky and again Thanks


DUFF Altman


Easement or Title is a real estate site which has a map feature --- that if you zoom in ---- will show the property lines on the satellite view

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I was invited to come to Deshler and Milton Center in January 1982. The Fin-Des RR had already been closed and the rails removed. I am an old-RR hobbyist and traced broken pieces of it in many trips to Findlay. Just say the word RR in Deshler in the 80's would bring up a very interesting history as we shared coffee hours, etc. I play "I've been working..." on the piano and peole sing along with me.

JIm Shotwell SR
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