Marion to Richmond

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned route once formed part of Baltimore and Ohio's mainline route between Cincinnati, OH and Chicago, IL. Part of this abandoned railway now forms the Cardinal Rail-trail.

See also Griffith to La Crosse and North Judson to Amboy.

Oops, my bad, this was the mainline of the C&O, not the B&O. Sorry for the confusion.

Mike Fromholt
Ft Wayne, IN


This was the C&O of Indiana, which originally climbed Cheviot Hill out of Cincinnati (this segment, to Cottage Grove, was abandoned in the late 1970s for the construction of Queensgate Yard), ran diagonally across Indiana (avoiding all places of importance) and terminated at Griffith, IN where Erie-Lackawanna trackage rights were used to State Line Tower. Passenger trains used the Chicago & Western Indiana from there to Dearborn Station (last passenger service ran in 1949). Line is notable because Amtrak ran the Cardinal over it (and the E-L trackage rights) for several years in the mid-1970s until the train was re-routed to the B&O main east from Chicago to Wellsboro, IN and then on a former Pere Marquette branch to La Crosse, where the train resumed the C&O. Amazingly enough, service continued into the late 1980s on this route.

Randy Resor
Merchantville, NJ


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