Manumuskin to Maurice River


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Greg Harrison

Paved-over grade crossing in Dorchester. Photo by Mike Palmer.

According to the SPV atlas, this line was originally the West Jersey & Seashore, later the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, and more recently the northern portion was run by the Winchester & Western. The line roughly paralleled the eastern bank of the Maurice River, from Manumuskin south to the Delaware Bay at the small port town of Maurice River.

The rails are mostly still in place in the middle segment from Bricksboro south through Mauricetown to Dorchester, but they are severely deteriorated. The line was likely used to haul sand and gravel.

The line was likely abandoned in stages, from the 1950s to the 1980s. The first picture shows a paved-over grade crossing in Dorchester. The rails are intact on either side of the highway, but they are buried in thick brush. The second picture shows an abandoned crossing in Mauricetown Station.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

we hiked this today from Wade blvd. in Millville and made it to rt.616 just outside leesburg, almost 6hrs. we lost the tracks just outside of Dorchester and lost all signs of rail road just past Newell rd. some minor detours around down town Port Elezabeth and behind the elemetry school.

Pittsgrove, NJ


Manumuskin is mostly in sand digging area, yet this day the ground being removed by Sand Companies under protest by the people in the area. An ancient old road is being split by the companies progress. The Manumuskin Depot is to be found several mile south in someone's yard not being recognized any more, ost likely down by now

Willard flanagan
Camden, NJ


I have walked the Dorchester line until the swamp and I did not get to the bridge.The maurice town line is torn up in spots but some of the line is intact and also did not reach the cross over bridge. I have an old map with the tracks from Port Elizabeth to Mauricetown. Great walking the old tracks and looking at an historic rail line.

Robert Piper
Millville, NJ


During the 1930s & 40s the line also carried refrigerated cars of Delaware Bay oysters. Every evening the freight heading to Millville would stop and await clearance at Manumuskin. I spent most of my boyhood in the DuPont house just 50 feet from the rails.

R.G. Simpkins
Raleigh, NC


rg simpkins where is the dupont house located?

joe burchfield
bricksboro , NJ


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