Manhattan to Forrest

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  • States: Illinois   
  • Railroads: WAB   

Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This is the northern half of the Bement-Altamont line, which was Wabash's only line to Chicago off the St Louis-Toledo main line, and ran all the way to LaSalle St Station in downtown. The line north of Manhattan is now used by Metra's SouthWest Service and they have constructed a yard at the north end of the line at Gallagher Road.

You can see the entire wabash route here:

Henry R
Phoenix, AZ


Actually the line ran north to and terminated at Deaborn Station in Chicago.

Robert Fiedler
Evergreen Park, IL


I remember Freight Trains going past a small Farm I lived on in Ritchie, IL. During dry spells we would run a plastic pipe under the rr ballast and tracks over to a big retention pond just on the other side of the tracks and pump water into our pond. Probably illegal but we covered the pipe up pretty good, lol. This line ran right next to our property and there was a grade crossing almost out in front of our house.

Dean Ambrose
Aurora, IL


I worked in the tiny Town of Symerton, IL also where this line ran through. There was nothing but a Grain Elevator stop and a Bar in Town, population maybe 100 or so.

Dean Ambrose
Aurora, IL


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