Manchester to Geneva

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Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This section of the former Lehigh Valley main line to Buffalo was a subsidized line from 1976 to 1979 to serve the customers on the portion from Shortsville to Victor which remains today. In 1979 a ramp was constructed where the line crossed the former NYC Auburn Road branch from Geneva to Canandaigua allowing for abandonment of this section.

Bill Kisselstein
Liverpool, NY


I noticed on a trip to Manchester that the NYC bay window caboose painted in Lehigh Valley colors on display at the old Greasy Spoon site -looks pretty stupid considering Manchester's past. But, what made me laugh was the Reporting Numbers on the fake. They are the same Reporting Numbers-95019-as the ones on the Real Lehigh Valley Caboose, on display in Newark Valley, New York!

Fred Fudge
Penn Yan, NY


I'm Glad that Phelps didn't stoop as low as those Bozos in Manchester! That excuse for a Lehigh Valley Caboose that they have at the old Greasy Spoon would make anyone associated with the old Lehigh Valley roll over in their grave. That Halderman and Coffie must be real winners-to pass that off as Real Lehigh Valley Caboose and the nerve of them to steal the Road Numbers off of the Real Lehigh Valley Caboose on display in Newark Valley. What a Smear to the history of Manchester's Lehigh Valley connection!

Hutty Flounderson
Phelps, NY


From the time I first ran trains on the Lehigh Valley, the work between Geneva and Manchester was mostly collecting spare cars to use on other parts of the system. I alway remember running into hobos that would walk around big yards to escape the Railroad cops and climb back on trains headed for the far reaches of the system: New York, Toronto, Buffalo.The biggest problems that we came across were the local kids raising hell in Manchester by pulling cut levers on trains on the east end of Manchester Yard. We would get tied up for hours.

Al Parmelly
Clifton Springs, NY


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