Mackinaw City to Gaylord


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Greg Harrison

The line from Cheboygan to mackinaw city was abandoned in the 1980's right when the Chief stopped operating across the straits. The Gaylord to Cheboygan stopped operating when proctor and gamble closed the plant in Cheboygan. the line was removed to the north end of Gaylord, to the former wickes lumber. The trains rarely come into downtown area anymore. When Georgia pacific closed the Gaylord plant the traffic levels dropped a lot. A new sur about 2 miles in length was built in the early 2000's to a scrapper west of the old gp plant.

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Proctor and Gamble closed their Cheboygan plant in October of 1990. Abandonment of the Cheboygan-Gaylord section was approved by the ICC in February 1992, and the tracks were removed in 1994 by the Detroit and Mackinac. The Lake State Railway, which resumed operations on the D&M system in 1992, ultimately sealed the line's fate when it decided not to purchase the track North of Gaylord

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