The Lyons Run Branch

Sanders to Pleasant Valley, PA

A topographical map from 1906 shows the Lyons Run Branch branchi...
A topographical map from 1906 shows the Lyons Run Branch branching from a curve in the PRR mainline (top left), running southeast along the Lyons Run and Byers Run creeks, and ending at Pleasant Valley (bottom right).

—  ICC Abandonment Filings  —

Pennsylvania Railroad
Docket: 16785 11/7/1949 Section: 1
App. for authority to abandon its Lyons Run Branch extending from its junction with the Turtle Creek Branch near Sanders to its terminus at Valuation Station, a distance of 3.856 miles in Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties, Pennsylvania.
Length: 3.856 miles Citation: 275 ICC 808

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Almost all of this line is covered by the PA turnpike. Only the very NW part where it junctions with the TCRR (now Rail-Trail) can be made out.

The spur to Boxcar town - where my great-great Aunt Helen Mazwinski Patrick lived as a child - ran from this line about a mile East.

Interesting, Pleasant Valley was one of only 2 mining towns I know of (along with Gipsy, Pa) where the company sold lots for private homes instead of building company houses to rent out.

Michael Sheliga
Slickville, PA