Millersburg to Williamstown

The Lykens Valley Rail Road

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Greg Harrison

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 19409 Date: 7/3/1956 Section: 1(18)
App. of Lykens Valley Rail-Road and Coal Company and The Pennsylvania Railroad Company for permission to abandon that portion of the former's railroad between Mile Post 15/1640 and Mile Post 19/2514, Lykens to Williamstown, all in Dauphin County Pennsylvania, 4.14 miles together with 0.27 mile of side track, and abandonment of operation thereon by The Pennsylvania Railroad Company as lessee.
Length: 4.14 miles Citation:  

The Lykens Valley RR was incorporated in 1977 to acquire operation of this trackage as designated operator of 10.2 miles, Millersburg-East Elizabethville, from Conrail abandonment 4-24-1978. Contract expired 4-14-1979, and trackage dismantled afterwards, ca. 1980.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV
Baltimore, MD


Your alignment of the portion of the railroad on the map between Lykens and Williamstown is not correct. It crossed the valley around the south side of Wiconisco, crossing the old highway at the east end of Wiconisco, and then climbed slowly up the side of the mountain to the mines in the Williamstown area. This was a continuation of the northeast "X" in the trackage you show on the map. The right of way alignment you are showing on the map was the Reading RR that terminated at their Lykens Station. The lines crossed with no connection

between Lykens and Wiconisco, with the Lykens Valley elevated on an embankment and a bridge over the lower Reading tracks. The Reading station was on north end of Market Street and Lykens Valley station was on the South end of Market Street in Lykens. These memories are from the early 1950's as we made many visits to a great aunt living in Williamstown. I seem to remember the Reading ran passenger service to Lykens with a coach attached at the rear of the freight train one or 2 times a week. Also remember 30 car coal trains down through Elizabethville,

pulled by an H10 consolidation, prior to changing to diesels.

Ronald Etzweiler
Port Trevorton, PA


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