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The Louisiana Midland Railway

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Greg Harrison

The Louisiana Midland Railroad

The Louisiana Midland Railway was created in 1945 and stretched for 77 miles between Packton and Vidalia, LA, on track originally built by the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway. It was purchased by the Illinois Central (as part of the Mississippi Central Railway) in 1967, divested into a single entity again in 1974, and was finally shut down in 1985. The line was auctioned off in 1986 and subsequently scrapped.

These pictures were taken of the Louisiana Midland Railway during its operation by various photograpers.

The pictures on this page were graciously submitted by Brian Allison. He has done extensive research and photography on the Louisiana Midland Railway, which he had intended to compile into a book. Instead, he has decided to share them with the Abandoned Rails website for your enjoyment. Thanks Brian!

Thanks to Brian Allison for contributing information about this route.

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Louisiana Midland RS-1 #1111 (four aces). The only one of its three ex-Gulf, Mobile & Ohio locomotives to be repainted. Heading east at Jonesville, LA. Photo by Louis Saillard, October 1978. Submitted by Brian Allison.

I lived in Georgetown until I went in the Navy in 1970. Me and one of my cousins used to walk the tracks from Georgetown to just west of the Little River bridge. I did some research in later years and learned a lot of the history of the railroad. My biggest regret was not paying more attention and taking photos of the trains in the area. The tracks crossed the Missouri Pacific just a few feet north of the depot in Georgetown.

James Rambo
Georgetown, LA


Great pics! God bless.

Cleveland, MS


When this line crossed the main line at Georgetown it had a Gate accross it with a stop sign in the 70s. They would open the gate accross the main line and close it back after they crossed. As the line went from Georgetown to Packton the tracks are now used by a car repair service. They have a barn built over part of them.

Packton, LA


are the units still beside jena farm supply? Because i'm wnatin to go look at them

kyle nugent
columbia, LA


My great-grand father worked at the roundhouse in Ferriday as a boiler man. I have a photo of the roundhouse the it was taken in the later 1920's. I also so have a photo of the a.k.a "Doodle Bug" my grandmother rode on.

Robert Williams
Vidalia, LA


On a sad note the two uints behind jena farm have been cut up and hauled off for scarp there is not even a single thing to identify that a rail line use to run thru jena. It is sad to see that towns alla cross the country are loosing their railroad history.

Kyle Nugent
columbia, LA


Great research. Living close by, I can add that the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is in Chattanooga, TN. The Tennessee Central did go through Crossville, though.

Regan Rickson
Roswell, GA


my great-grandfather Arthur Nelson Nugent was a supervisor over the chain gang that work on that railroad. I have a picture of him and his wife Lillie Duncan , he has a pistol on his side. because he was overseer of prisoners. He lived in Linecucum La. Born on Beaver Creek in Rapides Parish Louisiana.

Walter v nugent jr
Libuse, LA


What kind of diesel locomotive is pictured in photo 18?

Center Point, LA


Austin, that is an alco rs3

Winnfield la but currently cheyenne, wy


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