Abandoned Rails of Los Angeles

Point of Interest

Map submitted by Andy Garcia.

GOOGLE MAPS no longer available: With apologies, I am unable to continue showing Google Maps. Google has forced my hand by increasing their map usage fee from nothing/free to OVER $300 A MONTH for the Abandoned Rails website! This is an expense that I simply cannot afford. Rest assured I am looking at available open source alternatives, so maps should be back online soon!

Greg Harrison

Spurs of Union Pacific Avenue: As is common in most industrial neighborhoods near city centers, Union Pacific Avenue, just east of downtown Los Angeles, has plenty of spurs and sidings that no longer see any rail traffic. A number of these spurs have been traced and can be seen in the map above.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 3556 Date: Section: 1
Southern Pacific Company and its lessor Southern Pacifio Railroad Co. for a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the abandonment of lines and the abandonment of the operation of main line freight and passenger service over lines of applicants in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, State of California. (Completely abandon .15 miles and abandon operation of through and local freight and passenger operation 6.06 miles.)
Length: 6.21 miles Citation:  

I wish to inquire about the railroad near Santa Fe, Los Angeles 90058. My point of inquiry is on the fencing structure that is provided in the location of the railway. The fence is located between the business/commercial area, (where our business is located) of Santa Fe and the rail transit. At this time, this fence structure is not serving its purpose of public safety since it is now damaged, broken. And particularly, my great concern is the break-ins and graffiti that have been happening to our place of business. This, we believe are accused by people trespassing thru the broken/damaged fence on your location.

We will be grateful if this fence would be repaired and put back up, and break ins and graffiti on our building will be prevented as well.

There is also an inactive rail way, and were wondering if this particular lot may be for sale.

Please contact us soon.

Los Angeles, CA


Rachel, I seriously doubt that Greg can help you since he lives in Texas. Contact LA graffiti control, and harass your district LA city councilor to get whatever railroad owns the ROW to fix the fence.

Andrew Laverdiere
Glendale, CA


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