Logansport to South Bend


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

Who now owns this property ?

Chicago, IN


In Cass County(Logansport to County Line)it is now owned by several different local landowners. Some of the line at one time may have still been owned by Penn Central's estate or it's later incarnation Premier Underwriter's Corporation. Within the last ten years there was a ruling allowing much of the former Penn Central estate(former PRR and NYC)to finally be divided up to adjacent rightfull property owners or sold to individuals, but I do not know if that is the case with this line. This line was once part of the Vandalia line, later Pennsylvania(PC, Conrail)serving communities from South Bend to Terre Haute via Logansport, Frankfort, Crawfordsville and other towns. It was a big shipper of Studebaker Automobiles from South Bend as well. This line is most famous for it's use of "Doodlebug's", aka gas electric single cars that replaced regular passenger trains for a few years. Most of this line was removed with the onset of Penn Central and finished off finally by Conrail. It was said Conrail would run a single engine to Lucerne to service a grain elevator before the line was removed sometime around 1980. Further North the line had been torn out section by section years before except for a small section that ran off the PRR main line in Plymouth to service a customer and another section coming off the former Studebaker Plant area. I believe the Plymouth section is long torn out today.

James Norwood
Logansport/Kokomo, IN


I grew up in a trailer park which this old railroad ran through behind of. As a child, I used to play on the old trail that belonged to this old route. Still remaining old wooden rail beams that would hold the steal rails for the trains to run on.



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