Lodi to Sullivan

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Greg Harrison

This abandoned route, built in the late 1800s, was once part of the Baltimore & Ohio line between Creston and Greenwich. As the line headed south out of Lodi, it ran through swamps and marshes. Soon after being built, B&O decided that the the swampy land through which the tracks ran was not suited for railroad traffic, and ended up building a new "high line" between Lodi and Sullivan, to the west of Lodi. B&O soon abandoned the old stretch of line since it was now unnecessary.

This line also included a short branch south to West Salem and a connection with the Erie-Lackawanna.

The B&O line, including the reroute, is still in use today by CSX.

Would like to offer a few changes to this history. The railroad written about was from Willard,Ohio, eventually to Baltimore, Maryland. It was a highly traveled main line. Many remains of the old grade can still be seen. To ease some confusion, there was a branch line from Lodi to Wooster that did run through some very swampy terrain, south of Lodi. Again, this was a branch, not a main line as the story written about it might imply. It was abandoned by the B&O due to the swampy conditions. Another point of interest is this branch passed under the Erie Lackawanna, again south of Lodi. When branch was abandoned, Erie filled the underpass with gravel and dirt, burying the B&O. The old mainline crossed route 224, just west of Homerville, then paralled same route in to Lodi. Two very impressive sandstone bridges just west of Lodi on "new" line.

John Thompson
Elyria, OH


A segment of the old B&O row from Lodi to Rt 42 was later used by the Cleveland Southwestern to West Salem. The grade is still there.

Gary Lambillotte
Medina, OH


According to the Lodi historical society,a locomotive and some track laying equipment was lost in the quicksand while building the Lodi-Wooster branch. This happened south of the current mainline (2013)about 1/2 mile west of Lodi Lumber

Wes Lambert
West Salem, OH


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