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Looking north along the last portion of active track in Livingston. This is just south of the mainline junction with active BNSF tracks. Photo by Robert Lauchner, October 2005.

This abandoned railway line runs from Livingston south to Gardiner at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. The line was first completed from Livingston to Cinnabar in 1883 by the Rocky Mountain Railroad of Montana and leased to the Northern Pacific Railroad. In 1898, it was sold outright to the NP who then extended it to Gardiner in 1903.

This branch served the agricultural communities in Paradise Valley and also brought tourists to the famed Yellowstone park.

Burlington Northern abandoned the line in 1981.

Thanks to Robert Lauchner for contributing information about this route.

Has consideration been given to developing this abandon railroad grade to a trail for bicycling? It would appear to have excellent potential for development as a "rails to trails" project.

Tom Coates
Florence, AL


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