Abandoned Industrial Spur

This photo was taken sometime in the 1990s. A centerbeam flatcar, in the background to the left, is located on the now-abandoned siding. This is the only known photo of a freight car on the siding. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
A closeup of the siding in 2006. The track to the right is the "Holding Track" -- it would hold the next set of freight cars to be unloaded when they were delivered. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
The track to the left is the unloading track. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
The unloading track goes off into the overgrowth. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
This picture compares the unloading (left) and holding (right) tracks. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
A close-up of the derail guarding the siding. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
This is looking back over the "Holding Track" towards the NJ Transit's North Jersey Coast Line. Photo by Eric Kreszl.
NJ Transit was putting together sections of rail for a crossing improvement project. In order for the crane truck to lift the boom with out hitting the 25kv catenary wire, the Hi-Railer truck used the lumber yard siding. This was most likely the first time in years that the siding has been used. Photo by Eric Kreszl, September 2007.

This short spur once served Builders General, a lumber yard in Little Silver, New Jersey. This particular customer was the last one on NJ Transit's North Jersey Coast Line, south of Red Bank. Originally served by Conrail, the yard would receive shipments at least once or twice a week. However, after Conrail was divided between CSX and Norfolk Southern, Builders General ceased their rail dependency here and at their location on Route 37 in Toms River, and began shipping by truck (freight would continue to be shipped by rail at the company's Freehold, NJ location).

Though not officially abandoned, NJ Transit considers this siding "Out Of Service" -- the tracks have not seen a freight car in over 10 years.

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