Altheimer to North Little Rock

The Little Rock Branch


Map submitted by David Peterson.

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Greg Harrison

This line was chartered first by the Little Rock and Eastern Railway in 1887; the charter was conveyed to the Arkansas and Southern Railway Company later that same year, conveyed further to the St. Louis, Arkansas and Texas Railway in the same year as well. Construction of the line was completed in 1888. The StLA&T was purchased outright by the Saint Louis and Southwestern Railroad (the Cotton Belt) in 1891.

The charter itself was for a 41-mile line from a connection on the Cotton Belt at Altheimer to Argenta (present-day North Little Rock) to the northwest.

At Englandthere was a branch that proceeded east paralling highway 165 to Stuttgart crossing the Cotton Belt main terminating at De Witt serving the Arkansas Rive producing part of the state with local freight and passenger service. I believe this line was abandoned in the late 1920's. In the summer of 1966 I worked as a helper on a Coca Cola truck for the bottler in Pine Bluff. We serviced rural stores including one in Coy, Arkansas. Coy is about 10 miles east of England. Each time we made a stop in Coy my attention was drawn to the old building next to the store. I remember noticing that it resembled old wooden stations but dismisses it as I went off to college in September. it wasn't until my interest in railroad history intensified about 1995 that I read about this old abandoned line and made the connection that this was the Coy depot and it had outlasted the tracks.

Ken Buckner
Pine Bluff, AR


Part of the Line is still Intact for several miles East of North Little Rock. I think it is operated by the Arkansas Midland who also operates a Short Segment of the Ex RI Main Line to Galloway, Ar. Galloway is about 3-4 Miles East of North Little Rock.

Except for a few Sections where the SSW Row has been Built on most of the old ROW is still Intact. I think the Scott, Ar. Station has been moved to a Museum Area near the Town.



Cotton Belt abandoned the 35.8 mile line between Altheimer, AR and Sherry, AR on July 1, 1991. Authorization was by Docket No. ICC AB-39 Sub 16X. The Cotton Belt had not used this branch for overhead traffic since 1985 when it obtained trackage rights from Union Pacific from Baldwin (Pine Bluff Arsenal) to North Little Rock. Local service on this branch ended in April 1989 when trackage between Altheimer and England was removed from service. All data compiled by David Bernstein for the 2007 Cotton Belt Symposium.

Edwin Cooper
Shelbyville, KY


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