Lincoln to Union, NE

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The Lincoln to Union branch service was interrupted when a bridge west of Weeping Water was washed out, so Weeping Water to Lincoln was abandoned about 1984. Unoin (Omaha to KC main line)to Weeping Water still see trains that then go up another branch to Louisville which has a large cement plant. I'm guessing it sees 2 or 3 trains a week.

James Heydt
Lincoln, NE

History and personal account of the Lincoln to Union branchline:

Todd Greuter
Lincoln, NE

This line also has a local that operates daily bringing inbound phosphoric acid to the PCS feed grade phosphate plant at Weeping Water and pulling feed grade corn from the Midwest Elevator at Manley.

Craig Johnson
Milwaukee, WI

born in nebraska city road the freight train from union to lincoln and back again Dad was station agent at several stations at different times weeping water ect one of the station agents shot holes in the floor at elm wood to drain the water after mopping the floor


Robert L Henry
McCool Junction, NE