Libourn to Bird's Point


Map submitted by Robert Barnes.

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Greg Harrison

I'm guessing there was a car ferry at the end of this line? And the same goes for the Sikeston to Bird's Point line, right?

St. Louis, MO


Great Article on Bird's Point, including the railroads there, the purpose it served, and the date of abandonment:

St. Louis, MO


Mitch, that would be correct. Bird's Point was a ferry landing that crossed the river to Cairo to connect with the IC and other eastern railroads. Not sure on the year, but the ferry landing was moved to IllMo Missouri (Scott City) and eventually the Illinois & Missouri Bridge Company was created to build the Thebes bridge. That move pretty much let the railroads bypass Cairo, that combined with interstate 57 allowing cars to bypass Cairo as well, is at least a contributing factor to its current state.

Clay Guthrie
East prairie, MO


I'm originally from Chicago now I live in Wyatt, MO. I was wondering when did they remove the rails from Wyatt to Birds Point?

Chicago, IL


The rails between Wyatt and Birds Point were abandoned on October 9, 1938 per ICC order. An oil pipeline was laid on this right of way in late 1941. See Fred Frailey's book Blue Streak Merchandise p.22. A small oil tank farm was located adjacent to the abandoned right of way south of Birds Point. The oil was transloaded onto barges for movement up the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

Ed Cooper
Shelbyville, KY


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