Lexington to Sedalia

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Greg Harrison

This line shows up on an 1895 railroad map as owned by the Missouri Pacific.

It was abandoned in two parts: Sweet Springs to Sedalia in the 1960s, and the rest of the line between Lexington and Sweet Springs in the 1970s.

Thanks to Jim Arndt for contributing information about this route.

I worked this job as a 'new' Engineer in the '70's. Mostly 25 mph track with two '10's'. Grain season was tricky as the trains would be short and heavy. The MoP only let us have one engine so you had to finesse the trains up and down the steep short hills that in the Fall were laden with fallen leaves. The hill south of I-70 going up and over down to Concordia was almost always sanded by our engine before we'd try to pull the train up. I made my last trip over the Lexington Branch in '78 as I was now able to hold thru-frt. out of my home-town of Jeff. City. The Lexington Sub Roadmaster, George "Bemus" Arth told me the rail was from the old MoPac main line through Tipton, Syrcacuse, Otterville, etc. and had been laid second-hand in the late 1800's. It was 85 lb rail except where there was a derailment and at those places the railroad would usually use 112 or 115 lb. panel rail. It was a neat railroad and very sorry to see it pulled up. In the last years of the '80's the four car spot at uptown Lexington did over a $1 million worth of business. Can you imagine the whole branch being shortlined and in operation today? What a sad loss of an opportunity.

Ellis R. Lister II
Jefferson City , MO


I grew up in Sweet Springs about 500 yds from this line. I used to fish in the creek under the tressel on the west side of town and walked those tracks on "adventures" to the wild west. A friend and I killed a rattlesnake under the tressel on the east side of town. My brothers boss, the editor of the local paper got killed by a rail car striking his car at the crossing by the grain elevator in the late 70's, probably the beginning of the end for the line. The rail bed is still there but the tracks and the tressel structures are long gone. Good memories.

Roger Davenport
KC area


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sedalia, MO


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