Wildwood to Tavares


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

(Forwarded from the Leesburg & Indian River Railroad )

This line was built by the Leesburg and Indian River Railroad in 1884; the original plans were to build a line between Wilwood and Titusville, but the line never made as far east as Titusville and ultimately terminated in Tavares.

A year after being constructed, the L&IR merged into the Florida Railway and Navigation Company (a subsidiary of the Florida Central and Peninsular Railroad), and became part of the Orlando Division of that line. The line was then owned under successive mergers of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad after 1900.

The line from Wildwood to Leesburg is still in place but is O/S was used by the FMRD.

Jonathan Filion
Palatka, FL


No, the line from Wildwood to Leesburg was abandoned by FMRR in about 2005 and removed not long after. The line from Leesburg to Tavares was abandoned and removed in the late 1970's. Between Leesburg and Tavares, the ACL was used, but it is gone now too. All that is left is the wye in Wildwood used rarely to turn locomotives.

Troy Nolen
Tampa, FL


Here is an article about the tracks in this area. It appears that they are going to be upgraded, and not abandoned as previous commentors suspected.


Brian Kosich


Regarding Brian Kosich's comments, he is referring to trackage between Tavares and Orlando, not between Tavares and Wildwood. The trackage West of Tavares was abandoned and pulled up around 2005. If you dont believe me, drive over there and look for yourself. The only piece of it that remains is about .25 miles in Wildwood and the wye there, which CSX uses to turn locomotives. Everything else is gone...

Troy Nolen
Tampa, FL


All that remains of this line is indeed the wye (plus a few yards of straight track) at Wildwood - occasionally CSX has a loco or two sitting there over weekends. A look at Google maps will confirm this if you can't make it out there yourself.

A. T. Wymann
Orlando, FL


MOST of the tracks between Wildwood and Leesburg are gone, taken up 2012-13 in preparation for the growth of "The Villages". I watched them remove the tracks. I would've loved to see these trains return. If for no other reason then a historical commuter train. BUT I did find a section of track along Cr 44A. That's all that remains :-(

Jeff Gould
Lady Lake, FL


as far as I know the only part of the track left is right in front of my house by penbrooke. I have a lot of old railroad spikes that I found there too.



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