Abandoned Rails of Rushville

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Lawrenceburg & Rushville Railroad)

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This photo shows where the NKP and the NYC came together. The NKP trackage ended on the other side of the highway. Photo by Jeremy Harris, 2006.

Rushville, IN, was an original destination of The Lawrenceburg and Rushville Railroad Company, incorporated in 1848; however, the line was never built. Later, Rushville saw service from four railroads: The Nickel Plate, the New York Central, the Baltimore & Ohio, and then Pennsylvania Railroad. The NKP's New Castle District and the NYC line came together here, both of which then crossed over the B&O trackage, which is still under the service of CSX. The New Castle District arrived from Fort Wayne to the north; it was acquired by the Norfolk & Western in the 1970s.

Both the NKP and NYC lines are now abandoned. The Pennsylvania Railroad's history and location in Rushville are not known.

Thanks to Jeremy Harris for contributing information about this route.

What about the track that ran from New Castle to Rushville along St Rd 3 through Spiceland , Dunreith, Mays to Rushville. I didn't see that on the maps. The track ran across our property in beechwood down from cherrywood going south.

Donald L King
New Castle, IN

[Thanks for the tip, Donald. I'll see about posting that route soon.  —Greg Harrison]


That track would be the former Indiana Hi-Rail, ex-NW, exx-NKP track.

Ethan McDowell
Indianapolis, IN


the track running northeast out of Rushville went to Falmouth and Bentonville and then turned North and ran into the east-west rail that ran along US 40

Larry Rueff
Greensburg, IN


The line heading north along SR3 is the old Nickel Plate to New Castle. Indiana Hi Rail last tried to operate this line but failed. It was removed except for about 3 miles north of Rushville which serves a grain elevator. The line to Bentonville was Pennsy for most of it's existence and is covered in another entry.

Ed Hollowell
Indianapolis, IN


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