Litchfield to Lansing

The Lansing Branch

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This line had no hope to survive the NYC name take over of the LSMS and MC. Since MC already had a line to Lansing from Jackson it was of no use. The line was pulled from Litchfield, Mi north during the great depression. It's still in from Jonesville to Litchfield but probably not for long. The INE RR ran coal trains to a power plant but 2 years ago the plant changed coal contract to truck only so the line sits unused today.

Richard Roberts


Wait, isn't a portion of this track still in north Lansing? This branch use to go where the River Trail is. In fact, they've been talking about starting up this tiny spur for a few years now to serve the recycling center. They'd send scrap the short way up to Ensel Yard.

Lansing, MI


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