Lander to Shoshoni, WY

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I worked on the Riverton, WY Section Crew from about 1970 until Sept 1973. The Section Foreman was Shorty Rodgers and our section ran from Shobon to Lander and then only to Riverton. We had mostly 60 lb rail and we put in used ties taken out from other tracks elsewhere. We used ties that the UPRR & BNRR would burn. In most cases we would only be allowed to put in one tie for every three that really needed it. The speed limit for the trains was 15 MPH from Shoshoni to Lander & Riverton due to the bad condition of the rail bed & tracks; we would stand way back to watch the rail cars rock & roll as they went by. We had to go ahead of the trains from Riverton to Lander to patrol the track. I got to see the last train leave Lander. The tracks just outside of Shoshoni you could hardly see the tracks since the ties had either rotted out or else they had just sunk in the sandy soil. I quit due to the fact that I was only a seasonal employee working about 8 mos out of the year and could no longer feed my family. I also worked on the Section Crew in Casper for about 2 1/2 months one year while there some cars on a freight train had derailed going towards Glenrock and cut the ties in half for several miles and again used ties with a skipping method was used. Really sad to see as my Dad was a Section Foreman for the CB&Q/BN and I had worked on a couple of extra gangs on the CB&Q in the summer 1964 around the Glenrock & Casper areas.

Dan Brownell
Rawlins, WY

Looks to me like the west end of the Cowboy line.

Chuck Jones
San Juan Capistrano, CA