The Lake View Spur

Lake View Junction to Lake View, CA

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Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway
Docket: 12194 10/13/1938 Section: 1
App. of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway, and California, Arizona & Santa Fe Railway for authority to abandon a line of railroad known as Lake Viev Spur being the property of California, Arizona & Santa Fe Railway, and leased to Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway between Lake View Junction and Lake View, all in County of Riverside, state of California.
  Citation: 230 ICC 475

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Wrong Lake View. ATSF never operated in this area any closer than Mojave.

Lancaster, CA

Aha! Just a map error. The map shows this branch down near Palmdale near the Soledad Canyon Line, but the abandoned Lake Side Branch was a spur off the still-active "SanJac" line. Sorry for the confusion!

Lancaster, CA

I remember seeing this in the early 1970's where it crossed US 395, and always wondering where it went. The crossing and signals were still intact at that time. Everything was removed a few years later when US 395 was converted to a freeway, I 215. I had no idea that the line was that old, the crossing signals looked more modern, at least 1960's style.


What Bill from Utah saw probably was the spur (further north) into March Air Force Base. The Lakeview spur came off the mainline just a bit north of where I-215 curves to the east as it enters Perris. The rails were pulled up in the 1930s. None of the west end roadbed or bridge pilings exist today but some of the roadbed still can be seen along the riverbed west of Lake View.

Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

If you check Google Earth and overlay USGS topoView Elsinore, CA, 1:125,000 quad, 1901, USGS you can see the track, but it's a little off. Remove the overlay and you can see most of the original track.

Chuck Jones
San Juan Capistrano, CA