Abandoned Rails of Lake Charles

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Lake Charles Union Station Spur: While the Kansas City Southern still has several active freight spurs in the vicinity of Lake Charles, LA, the spur serving their passenger station has long been abandoned. The end of active tracks in Westlake, LA marks the beginning of the abandoned passenger spur. The Calcasieu River is just beyond; no trace of the bridge remains. Photo by Mike Palmer, August 2011.

Lake Charles Union Station Spur: Lake Charles former Union Station had its own dedicated spur from which the Kansas City Southern gained access to the station. It has long been abandoned.

Lake Charles Missouri Pacific Station Spur: The MP also had a Lake Charles station at one time, though it and the track apparently disappeared decades ago. This branch in turn connected to the line that serves the Port of Lake Charles.

Freight Transfer Line: This line connected the MP and SP in pre-merger days. Some time after the SP-UP merger, the line was likely removed since all impacted lines were now part of the UP.

thanks for these great shots. The K.C.S. station was not a union station but rather a stub ended terminal from which the L.C. Dequincy passenger train operated. In the forties bus service was substuituted.

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Kansas City Southern Railway (Arcadia)

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The line that the connector tracks connect the UP main to is now owned and operated by Port Rail Lake Charles.

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