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Iowa Junction as seen from the US Route 165 overpass. This had been a diamond prior to the UP-SP merger. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2011.

The Missouri Pacific served the Port of Lake Charles with a branch line, the Lake Charles Branch. Union Pacific acquired MP in 1982, and then acquired the Southern Pacific in 1995. Some time around the SP merger the Lake Charles-area lines were consolidated. A segment of the MP line was abandoned, due to lack of traffic and customers along the line. This segment had a junction installed with a remnant of SP's Lake Arthur branch.

This abandonment also includes a reroute of the existing line around the Chennault Industrial Airpark with the extension of their main runway.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

There is another segment of railroad that has been abandoned for quite some time in the same area!!! it is bordered to the north by Farm rd., to the east by Manchester rd., to the south by Lane rd., and to the west by Hwy 397. Trying to find out who owned this section of railway! It runs thru my property and I would like to get permits to recycle the iron and build a driveway! Any help is greatly appreciated!

Shane Duraso
Sulphur, LA


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