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Greg Harrison

Facing east in Bell City, where the line crossed LA Route 14. The right-of-way was located in the grassy area parallel to Railroad Avenue. It is also visible from LA Route 14 further east; the scenery was much the same as in this picture. Photo by Mike Palmer, August 2011.

This branch line served local farming areas in southwest Louisiana. Judging by how little of the line remains, it has been abandoned for a while, most likely more than 20 years. A Rand McNally railroad atlas shows the line to be active as of 1982.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

I remember this RR being hardly used in the 1970,s. I believe much of the track was still on the line thru the 1980,s there devenintly was track still renaining in 1992 when i followed the line from L.C. to L.A. , I was planning a small HO scale model RR. I had a track plan and laid the rail on a 4/8 sheet of plywood I then started a new part of my life and never did any scenery or scructures , I plan on studying more about this line to make a combo, proto.and freelance MR. Thanks for this information. If anyone worked or know someone who worked on or around this RR please contact me by e-mail

Garry Doucet
Welsh, LA


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