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The abandonment starts in Indianapolis at 96th Street. This picture is looking northwest; gravel road follows the ROW, with the I-465 overpass in the distance. Photo by Bob Lemmon, November 2013.

This abandoned railway line, originally between Indianapolis and Lafayette, was built by the Lafayette and Indianapolis Railroad in 1850. Over the years and due to mergers, the line was owned by a number of railroads during its operation:

  • Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Lafayette Railroad, 1867
  • Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railroad, 1880
  • Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St Louis Railroad (the Big Four), 1889
  • New York Central Railroad, 1930
  • Penn Central Railroad, 1968
  • Conrail, 1976

The line hosted Abraham Lincoln's inaugural train in 1861 and his funeral train in 1865.

It was abandoned in two stages: Lebanon to Zionsville in 1976 (Docket USRA-574), and Lafayette to Lebanon in 1985 (Docket AB-167-637-N).

Thanks to Bob Lemmon for contributing information about this route.

This line was removed in the late 1980s.

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mark whitney
indianapolis, IN


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