Kissimmee to Narcoossee

At the crossing with Neptune Avenue in Kissimmee, facing north; the branch disappears into the grass at right. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2010.
Facing west near Brinson Park along Neptune Road. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2010.

This branch left the ACL main line in Kissimmee, and headed east through St. Cloud to Narcoossee. It shows up on 1930s era atlases, but is not shown on 1950s atlases. It passed through what are now residential areas and was not easy to trace beyond the immediate area where it left the main line.

The included pictures show where it diverged from the ACL main, and a location about a half mile east where it passed behind residences along Neptune Rd. A short remnant is still connected to the (now CSX) main line; this is likely used for temporary storage of maintenance-of-way equipment.

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In St. Cloud, the old VFW building on the corner of New York Ave and 9th Street was originally a train station for this rail line.

Kissimmee, FL

Old ACL St. Cloud depot:

God bless.

Cleveland, MS

This site has an aerial map of Saint cloud in 1944 which shows where the railroad once was.

Saint Cloud, FL

This picture of St. Cloud explains why Narcoosee Road has the little curve just north of US-192! I always wondered why it curved there and was not straight from 192 to Narcoossee [Village]. Because the rail came along 10th street then curved north to Narcoossee, the road had to curve with it!

Orlando, FL