Keymar to Union Bridge

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  • States: Maryland   
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Greg Harrison

This view, facing west, shows the abandoned right of way of the Pennsylvania RR branch to Union Bridge (the dirt alley heading away from the camera between the two trees, to the left of the utility pole). This highway is MD Route 75; downtown Union Bridge is to the right (north). A large cement factory is behind the camera. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2003.

This short branch left the former Pennsylvania RR line from Hanover, PA to Frederick, MD at Keymar, just south of where the PRR passed under a Western Maryland bridge. The short branch to Union Bridge was likely abandoned in the 1960s; the remaining former PRR and WM routes are now operated as Maryland Midland (MMID).

The branch to Union Bridge followed the north side of Little Pipe Creek for most of its distance. At the far eastern end it rose out of the creekside area and ended at a large cement factory still in operation. Very little of the right of way can be located today (2003).

I walked part of this right away a few years go. Just out side of union bridge you can see the right away very well threw the woods, its about 6'-8' fill. When it crosses the creek by good intent road, you can see where they drove sheet pile into the creek to hold the water back when they demoed the bridge. The sheet pile is cut flush with the top of the water. There are large chunks of broken concrete and stone on either side of the creek from the demo.

W Fries
New Windsor, MD


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