Redding to Coram

The Keswick Branch

The abandoned railroad route between Redding and Coram, known as The Keswick Branch, of which 14.07 miles have been abandoned, was once operated in California by the Central Pacific Railroad and the Southern Pacific Railroad.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 15608 Date: 2/11/1947 Section: 1
App. for Southern Pacific Co. to abandon operations of the entire Keswick Branch, a distance of 13.45 miles, and of Central Pacific Railway for authority to abandon that portion of Keswick Branch, owned by it, a distance of 0.62 miles [all within Shasta County, Calif.]
Length: 14.07 miles Citation: 271 ICC 531  

The Keswisk Branch was originally part of the SP mainline between Redding and Dunsmuir prior to the construction of Shasta Dam. The branch ran alongside the Sacramento River over the entire distance. Between Coram and Dunsmuir the old mainline roughly paralleled the Sacramento River, much of which is now inundated by Shasta Lake. This branch/old mainline was replaced by the existing mainline that runs north from Redding, across the Sacramento River, and eventually across the Pitt River highway/railroad bridge across Shasta Lake, rejoining the old mainline south of Dunsmuir.

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