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This is the abandoned Calaveras Cement Company plant at San Andreas. This plant was the "end of the line" for the SP Kentucky House branch. Photo by Mark Johnson.

This branch left the SP (now UP) Fresno line at Lodi, between Sacramento and Stockton. It headed generally east into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Part of the line was initially constructed as the narrow gauge San Joaquin and Sierra Nevada; it was later converted to standard gauge by SP.

From west to east the stations served were Lodi, CCT (Central California Traction) Crossing, Victor, Lockeford, Clements, Wallace, Helisma, Valley Spring, Toyon, Hacinder, and Kentucky House.

Made many trips on the Ione and K.House branches back in the 1960s



Now the plant has been mostly, if not totally, dismantled. There are still many visible cuts following Highway 12 toward Valley Springs. I remember when the tracks were still running through the when I was a kid (back in the '90's). Now it's been otherwise removed, covered by some fast food chains. There are also some bridge abutments heading east out of Valley Springs.

Oakdale, CA


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