Kempton to Minonk


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

This is the former Illinois Central Pontiac District. It was of light rail, as were the Bloomington (Bloomer Line) and Rantoul Districts, and most grade crossings were protected only by a crossbuck. Interlockings consisted of dwarf signals on the Pontiac District and sometimes, signals that required opening the interlocking cabin and operating levers to get a green or yellow dwarf signal.

The connections at Saxony and Minonk were merely switches to the Amboy District and Bloomington Districts of the Illinois Central. There were no signals, just a wooden telephone booth. There were horns to use in inclement weather or other unfavorable conditions at Pontiac, where also a Wabash branch crossed.

Of these three light-uty lines, only parts of the Bloomington District survive as the bloomer line.

George R. Carlisle
formerly Urbana , IL


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