Abandoned Rails of Keller, Texas

Here is the "train" that Keller built. Up front is BNSF 9920, an EMD E9 passenger locomotive. Behind it is a BN flatcar, and an ATSF boxcar (all uncoupled).
The E9 itself. While fenced in, it looks like at one point, visitors were allowed up and through the locomotive cab. The numberboards have been removed. The locomotive is still in pretty decent shape, though a canopy overhead wouldn't hurt.
A closeup of the nose and cab of BNSF E9.
A head-on shot of BNSF E9.
BN bulkhead flatcar # 621542. On the side, written in chalk is "B/O AIR HOSE".
ATSF 50' boxcar # 601063. A little paint and some care, and this would be a fine example of a non-descript boxcar.
The plaque in dedication of the "Whistle Stop Spur". It is good to see a town taking hold of its heritage.
Here is the Keller Building Supply spur at MP 740.3 on UP's Choctaw Sub. The switch is of the manual-throw variety.
This shows more of the spur as it leads off to the Keller Building Supply property.
The tracks still have a "used" appearance. I do know that UP will sometimes store cars here from time to time. The tracks here are not as maintained as they are on the mainline, of course.
A derail has been put in place since Keller Building Supply closed down. Its flag stands among the overgrowth.
Another view showing the derail apparatus and its flag. It's a wonder how crews can see the flag.
The tracks continue onto the property. They curve off to the left and into a warehouse which is just out of view.

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Why are we not allowed to go into the cab any more why ws the fence put up ? Will it ever reopen to the public for train buffs again ?

Keller, TX

the train in keller has been subject to attack not only from vandalism but local bizz folks trying to get rid of the train. they have gone as far as hiring scrappers to come out and cut up parts of the train car and remove parts illegally. seems the land being used for commercial use to fuel the beer joints and food joints across the grass would make them a lot of money after they buy up all the spaces. except the train being in the way. if you wanna see the train preserved support the old town keller merchants, and dont support the folks trying to remove it.

keller, TX

Railways in Texas expanded the economy and brought numerous people to help settle the land. It is part of our history and we need to to educate our young people on the importance of the rails. Keller should be proud that it was part of the Texas and Pacific family. Our past is our heritage, cultivate it.

Rollin Phipps
Grand Prairie, TX

The boxcar and bulkhead flat have been scrapped to make way for more parking. The passenger car is being moved and will be someone's house.

Mike Thidemann
Keller, TX