Kansas City to Springfield


Map submitted by Matt Roberds.

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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Railway)

Here is a timeline showing how this line was built:

      Kansas City    Harrisonville    East Lynne   Clinton    Lowry City    Osceoloa    Bolivar    Springfield
1874 |    |-graded by KCM&M--|                        |---- graded by KCM&M ----|
1883 |                                                |--- KC&S ----|
1884 |                                       |- KC&S -|             |--- KC&S --|          |--- S&N ----|
1885 |    |--------------- KC&S -------------|
1897 |                                                                          |- KCO&S --|
1900 |    |---------------------- Purchased by the Frisco ---------------------------------|

There is a short stretch that is being used by the Belton, Grandview and Kansas City Railway which is a heritage railway. A very small section (less than 1/10th of a mile) in Clinton was retained by MKT after abandonment to serve local customers but has also been abandoned now. The section from Bolivar to Springfield was abandoned in the 1980s, from Harrisonville to Bolivar in the 1960's, and from Leed's to Harrisonville I believe in the 80s also. Note: There were actually two different lines at one time. Some of the right of way is still visible along 13 highway and in Truman Lake. A portion of new 13 highway north of Lowry City is built on the old right of way and at Bolivar the former crossing is still quite evident.

Jim Arndt
Springfield, MO


The KCC&S Did not run to Bolivar, It went to Fair Play and was abandoned in 1934 from Clinton south. It was also known as the Leaky Roof RR.

It was the Frisco Highline that ran to Bolivar untilthe 1980s.

Fair Play, MO


I traced this line in Google Maps and Google Earth. Some notes from doing that:

A small section of the line in Harrisonville seems to still be in use.

At Lowry City, a case could be made that the ROW runs just east of town, along the current Missouri 13 alignment, rather than right through town. This would go with Jim Arndt's comment on 11/22/2010 that "new" 13 runs on the old ROW.

At Osceola, there are two potential routings. Just north of Osceola, in the Osage River, there are two old embankments. The east embankment heads for the north edge of town. From there, it crosses Missouri 13, turns south, crosses Missouri 13 again, and then curves east a bit to head to Vista.

The west embankment heads for the middle of town, then turns south - it never crosses Missouri 13. (In Google Earth, it helps to go back to the March 1996 imagery to see this.) North of Vista, it runs very close to the above routing, and there is a treeline that suggests there may have once been a connection to the above route. This route runs parallel with the above route for a while, then turns east, and peters out north of Vista.

Near Walnut Grove, there is another abandoned ROW just to the west of this one. It runs north at least to Eudora, and it might run south to Ash Grove. This is not mapped here.

Matt Roberds
Blue Springs, MO

[Thanks for the info, Matt!  —Greg Harrison]


there is a small portion in clinton that is still in use as a customer branch from old mkt to a petroleum distributor on the north side of clinton

william fort
westline, MO


I am looking for in any kind of information on the KCC&S. I recall seeing a SL-SF engine backing toward Ash Grove on the remaining Phenix stub with one boxcar in about 1941. Pictures of equipment, ROW, track, maps, structures, on-line businesses, pole lines...anything. willing to share my collection of pictures including depots in place for Belton (assume shared depot with KCO&S, Harrisonville, Garden City, Creighton, Urich, Hartwell, no Clinton depot pic, Deepwater, Lowry City, no Collins pic, Humansville, Dunegan, Fairplay, Aldrich, no Eudora pic, Walnut Grove, Phenix and Ash Grove. Quite a lot of information and pics on Phenix quarry and their rail equipment. Looking for pics of depots in Kenneth, Stanley and Olathe. Objective is to eventually pull material together into a book on KCC&S. Joint efforts welcomed and solicited to that end.

Larry Murphy

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Until Frisco discontinued passenger service, mixed train passenger service was provided from Centropolis to Clinton ("Passengers will be carried in the Caboose". Rode it many times from Grandview to Harrisonville. There was a short spur into East Lynn to serve an elevator that was located on the abandoned MKT line. Upon notice of discontinuance of passenger service on the Frisco (1967?), I bought (and still have) a one-way ticket from Grandview to Belton - cost was 26 cents. On more than one occasion, friends and I got permission from the crew to ride from Grandview to Clinton in the caboose, taking the Trailways bus home.

Allen Maty
Smithville, MO


Does anyone have photos that could be shared ofKCC&S equipment, ROW, structures, on line businesses, grain elevators, etc? I have 2 pictures of Aldrich depot, one of south bound SL-SF train with north bound on main line. Also have a pic of north bound train crossing Little Sav River south of Aldrichtaken from superstructure of through truss bridge probably in 1920s. Also have pic of northbound train of the large wooden trestle just south of Walnut Grove. Happy to share electronic copies. Send email address tolarrymurf37@gmail.com

Larry Murphy
Manhattan KS


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