Vienna to Joppa

The Joppa Branch


Map submitted by Mike Fromholt.

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Greg Harrison

A small portion of the line near Karnak is part of the Tunnel Hill State Trail. This tgrail is from an abandoned line formerly CCC&STt.L, from Harrisburg to Karnak. The entire line was from Danville to Cairo.

George Carlisle
Urbana, IL


This line is part of the former Chicago and eastern Illinois. The line used to have a tower at West Vienna and Nielson, where the Burlington Northern Santa Fe had trackage rights. The tower was later dismantled and just a hand-throw switch was substituted. Later, the Joppa Branch of the C&EI was abandoned--I am not sure when-- and the Joppa Energy railroad was buiklt to switch from the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Beardstown Division to the Joppa Power plant., near Mermet Lake Conservation Area.

A short portion near Karnak is part of the Tunnel Hill State Trail.

George Carlisle
Urbana, IL


There's still about a 2 mile stretch of this line left, that extends northward from the EEI power plant yard area. There's usually a string of empty coal hoppers stored on this track. The old line parallels the new connector for about a mile coming out of the power plant. The BNSF Beardstown Sub, from West Vienna south to Metropolis, is quite busy with Wyoming coal trains from both BNSF and UP. These trains not only serve the Joppa plant, but go to a barge transfer facility on the northwest side of Metropolis. Also some cross the bridge into Kentucky, and proceed to a transfer facility on the Tennessee River at Grand Rivers KY.

Brent L Staulcup
Metropolis, IL


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