Abandoned Rails of Jefferson

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Built in 1888 by the American Car & Foundry Company, this was the personal passenger car of Jay Gould & family. Named the "Atalanta", it features two observation rooms, four state rooms, two baths, a butler's pantry, kitchen, dining room office, resplendent with elaborate decorations and fixtures. The car was moved to its current location in Jefferson, TX, in 1954. Photo by Dave Matthews, April 2008.

Interlocking Towers

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
123 Jefferson T&P, J&NW    Cabin 10/13/1925

The Jefferson Historical Society and Museum now have the R.D. Moses T&P Model Railroad displayed at the Museum. See www.jeffersonmuseum.com.

Weldon Nash
Jefferson, TX


The L&A/KCS line that runs through Jefferson once came up from Waskom,Tx. You can barely see the old grade in some spots along I-20 between Shreveport and Greenwood. On historical topos I traced the line from Greenwood/Waskom to Karnack, Tx. Appears that when I-20 was built the KCS rerouted the line to Jefferson from Blanchard, La. Looks like I-20 through Shreveport runs on the ROW where the line used to be.

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