Jamestown to Kloze


Map submitted by Andrew Laverdiere.

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Greg Harrison

This line was built between Jamestown and Kloze in 1912 by the Midland Continental Railroad. The line was sold to Burlington Northern in 1970, who abandoned it in 1976.

Jamestown ND is known among music fans at the home of singer Peggy Lee, who, in her teen years sometimes filled in for her father at a station agent on the Midland Continental RR when he was to inebriated to mind the depot. One of her first big hits was "Blues in the Night" with the line: "hear that lonesome whistle blow across the trestle, oooeeee...."

Bob Davis
San Gabriel , CA


Peggy Lee's time in Wimbledon, N.D., on the Midland is documented at the newly restored MC station there. The second floor, which was the agent's living quarters, has a display of Lee memoribilia. Her daughter attended the dedication of the restored station in 2012.

Lee's father was an MC station agent at Wimbledon in the later 1930s.

Fargo, ND


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