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Greg Harrison

Note: This route is not officially abandoned yet and is proceeding through the abandonment process of the Surface Transportation Board. Please see the STB filings/decisions below for more information.

The abandoned railway was built by the Jackson Branch Railroad Company; its intent was to connect Jackson to The Belmont Branch in the southeast corner of the county. The thought was that if Jackson did not have rail service, its important would diminish and the town would cease to exist.

The original line was meant to connect with the Belmont Branch at Allenville and travel through Jackson into Perry County and a ferry connection along the Mississippi River. When the line reached as far as Jackson from Allenville in 1885, construction stopped, and railroad freight service commenced. The JBRR was soon absorbed into the Saint Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad, which itself was merged into the Missouri Pacific years later.

The MP first submitted the line up for abandonment in 1932, but it was denied. And while technically not abandoned, the tracks remain in various states of disrepair, and talks of converting the right-of-way into a rail-trail occur regularly. Indeed, a filing for abandonment of the line by the Jackson, Gordonville and Delta Railroad has been submitted as of May 14, 2012.

See also The Cape Girardeau Northern Railroad, which also served Jackson.

STB Filings and Decisions

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I took a short train ride on this line during a elementary school field trip, something they don't do anymore after the people that ran the train rides, closed down. Although I hardly I remember much about the trip, I do recall there being abandoned railway cars on the side of the line, but by the looks of the satellite imagery, those aren't there anymore either.

I never really knew this line was actually abandoned, I thought it was just rarely ever used.

Robert Barnes
Cape Girardeau, MO, MO


I know that there's been an actual filing of abandonment on this line, however, it is far from dormant; the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern RR, a tourist operation, still operates on part of this trackage; If my memory serves me correct it's something like 5-10 miles, or at least was, since I know some yahoo ripped up part of their track at some point in the past...

Never the less, I know this line, or at least part of it, is still operating. In fact the group is working slowly towards re-building the "Shelby Brown" AKA No.5, a 2-4-2 (formerly 2-4-2T) steam engine built by Porter in 1946. She used to work for a power utility, but later wound up on the Crab Orchard and Egyptian, where she became a tender engine...

Kansas City, MO


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