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Sepulveda/Centinela intersection facing southeast. This is a year after most track was removed; these are now gone. Photo by Mike Palmer, July 1978.

During the 1890s, talks were under wayof building a port at one of a number of potential sites along the Los Angeles coast line. The California Southern Railroad sought to capitalize on this future port and built a line from Inglewood straight to La Playa, since La Playa, Santa Monica, and Long Beach/San Pedro were all potential sites as decided by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Initial dredging at La Playa did not go well, however, and the effort was abandoned, leaving the CSR's route there virtually unnecessary. But before abandonment came, the CSR determined that perhaps the line would benefit from potential passenger/tourist traffic to the Ocean Park area. While the original track at La Playa was used, a change in direction in the right-of-way, northwest to Venice, was made at Alsace station.

The line did see high passenger volumes in the early years; the line also served produce warehouses and other small businesses until the 1960s. Under the ownership of the Southern Pacific, most of the rails remained in place until 1977. By then, the line had modern girder bridges over the Ballona Creek and nearby storm channels, along with a couple of wig-wags and faded "Pacific Electric" wooden crossbucks.

As of 2003, only the Marina Del Rey crossing and one or two other isolated segments remain. The girder bridges and wig-wag crossbucks are gone. The line served Inglewood, Mesmer, Alsace, Alla (diamond with another PE line between Redondo Beach and Culver Junction), Machado, Ocean Park, and Santa Monica.

Thanks to Randy Bramstedt for contributing information about this route.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 20099 Date: 2/24/1958 Section: 1(18)
Jt. app. and R to Q for auth. to Southern Pacific Co. to abandon a portion of its Santa Monica Air Line in the City of Santa Monica, Calif, and auth. to Pacific Electric Ry. Co. to abandon a portion of its Inglewood Line in the cities of Santa Monica and Los Angeles, Calif., and operations thereof.
Length: Unknown Citation: 295 ICC 836  
Also under this filing: The Santa Monica Air Line   
Docket Number: 26548 Date: 2/25/1971 Section: 1(18)
Application for authority to abandon the end portion of the Inglewood Branch between MP 502.200 and MP 502.349, a distance of approximately 0.149 mile, together with all spur track, sidings and appurtenances, at or near Inglewood, County of Los Angeles, California.
Length: 0.149 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB-12 Sub 14 Date: 9/27/1973 Section: 1(18)
Applic. for auth. to abandon the end portion of its Inglewood Branch, from MP 502.200 near Inglewood, easterly to MP 502.349, a distance of 0.149 mi., in Los Angeles County, California.
Length: 0.149 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB-12 Sub 24 Date: 4/26/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 498.017 near Alla in a westerly direction to the end of the branch at MP 495.385 near Venice, a distance of 2.632 miles in Los Angeles, Calif.
Length: 2.632 miles Citation:  
Docket Number: AB 12 Sub 48 Date: 10/19/1976 Section: 1a
Application filed for authority to abandon a line extending from MP 494.249 near Culver Junction to MP 498.017 near Alla on the Alla Branch and MP 498.112 to MP 502.200 near Inglewood on the Inglewood Branch a distance of 8.571 miles in Los Angeles. Calif. (This line includes the stations of Culver Junction, Alla, Mesmer and Inglewood.)
Length: 8.571 miles Citation:  
Also under this filing: Culver Junction to Alla   

I specifically remember being stopped at the intersection of Sepulveda and Centinela, and watched a locomotive cross heading eastbound on these tracks. It was the kind with the cab at the rear and exhaust stacks towards the middle. I was very little, mid 1970's probably.

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In 1970 a switcher car pulling a caboose and a load of lumber would pull up across the street from our apartment on Hyde Park on the way to deliver lumber to a lumber yard. On one occasions as we waited on the tracks the engineer invited my brothers and I to ride inside the cab as he delivered the lumber. It was quite exciting for us as young boys. The street at the end of the line was called Ballona.

Inglewood, CA


Hey TJ ! The locomotive you are talking was a southern pacific sw1 type switcher ! Also sw9's were also used !Also in the later years gp 9's were also used . In true pacific electric days 1500 and 1600 steeple cab electric locomotives were used ! Even earlier steam locomotives were used .

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