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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Houston & Gulf Coast Railroad)

This line was built in 1896 by the Gulf Interstate of Texas Railroad and ran from Beaumont to Port Bolivar on the tip of the Bolivar Peninsula and opposite Galveston on the inlet of Galveston Bay. The Beaumont, Wharf and Terminal Company built another 3 miles of track that connected to this line in 1898. The G&I was soon leased by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway (itself a subsidiary of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway) in 1914, while the BW&T trackage was officially merged into the line in 1957.

The portion of the line between Stowell and High Island was operated for a short while by the Houston and Gulf Coast Railroad, the railroad subsidiary of the Southeastern International Corporation.

The line running into Port Bolivar proper was abandoned before 1948 (as it does not show up on a railroad map from that timeframe), with another portion of the line abandoned in 1967. Abandonment of the line between Stowell and High Island came in 1995; the line was further cut back to Fannett in 2001.

Historic ICC Abandonment Filings

Docket Number: 24815 Date: 11/6/1967 Section: 1(18)
App. for auth. to aband. a line of rr in Chambers & Galveston Cos., Tex., ext. from M.P. 37 to M.P. 33 plus 1820.5 ft., a dist. of 3.6 mi.
Length: 3.6 miles Citation:  

I would be interested in using a section of an abandoned track to place a speeder on and charge a rental fee to ride it. Anyone have suggestions for me concerning this? I am willing to go in with someone on this if there is interest shown. Are there any rail fans willing to help me set this up if possible? Would love to set up a short line type operation as well on one of these abandoned lines.

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This line has been pulled up for some time now. Past Fannett the track is gone, the rest of the track is in use by BNSF to serve the Goodyear plant on I-10 near Beaumont.

The row west/ south of Winnie has been used for a pipeline.

Jeff S
Beaumont, TX


According to the Texas rr towers site, the Gulf and Interstate from High Island to Port Bolivar was abandoned after the great Galveston Hurricane of 1900. In Beaumont this line met two other Santa Fe lines at Mariposa Tower(Gulf, Beaumont and Kansas City line to Silsbee and Roganville, and a short line to the downtown ATSF depot). Tower M and all the tracks there have long been abandoned and as stated the old G&I is only intact as far south as Fannett to serve the Goodyear plant. There's more info at the tower 32/tower M page of>

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This line was acquired by the GC&SF and it was re-built after the Great Storm of 1900. It operated until abandoned in 1942.

What was distinctive about this line was the railroad car ferry that carried freight and passenger cars between Port Bolivar and Galveston. A rail ferry operation in Texas!

Dennis Hogan
Frisco, TX


I was told by some oldtimers that this line was part of the

IGN RR owned by J Gould and was destroyed from Bolivar to Galveston and never rebuilt after the 1900 hundred storm , the Ign went bankrupt and later became the Burlington Northern which merged with the Atsf RR . There was also a

sea train that ran out of Texas City that loaded rail cars on barges that traveled down the ICW (Intercoastal

waterway ) to Mexico and Central America but was also

abandoned after a major storm sunk some of the barges.

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Sam Winterberg
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I heard that the line is known for being the 2nd sandbar in the water. Does anyone know if its true

Brock taylor
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