The Houston Belt & Terminal Railway

Interlocker Tower Abandonment

Markers show approximate centers of abandoned routes.

Texas Interlocking Towers

The Houston Belt & Terminal Railway was served by these interlocker towers in Texas:

Nbr Location Railroads Type Authorized Retired Map
25 Houston HB&T, I-GN, HE&WT, T&NO    E 9/29/1903
Operated alongside Tower 26; abandoned in the late 1920s
26 Houston T&NO, HE&WT, I-GN, HB&T    E 9/29/1903
Demolished on November 10, 2001
71 Houston HB&T, HE&WT    M 7/1/1907
Consolidated into Tower 26 in 1930
76 Houston (Rabbit Crossing) HE&WT, HB&T    M 11/1/1908
80 Houston (Percival) HB&T, I-GN    M 7/25/1913
84 Houston (Walker Avenue) I-GN, SA&AP, HB&T    E 8/10/1910 1988
Consolidated into Tower 117 on June 1, 1971
85 Houston (Baker Street) HB&T, GH&H    M 5/3/1911
86 Houston (Magers) GH&SA, HB&T    E 3/18/1912
Consolidated into Tower 199
87 Houston (Englewood Yard) HB&T, T&NO    M 4/19/1911
116 Houston (Union Station) HB&T    E 3/14/1924
Included nearby "Tower 116-A", a separate tower for interlocking IG&N and GH&H railroads
117 Houston (New South Yard) HB&T    E 3/14/1924
139 Houston HB&T, T&NO, I-GN    E 12/20/1928
189 Houston I-GN, HB&T   
199 Houston (Settegast Yard) HB&T, MP    1952
Originally named "BJ Tower"
208 Houston T&NO, HB&T    E 1955
210 Houston (Collingsworth Street) HB&T, T&NO    E 1961
Consolidated into and remotely controlled by Tower 26 in 1961

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