Dundas to Logan

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  • States: Ohio   
  • Railroads: C&O, HVRR   
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Greg Harrison

(Forwarded from the Hocking Valley Railroad)

My Grandfather, Howard Norman, was the Board Manager on the HVRR 1924. I have a photo of him with the crew of the train. I think their regular route may have gone as far north as Columbus, and back to Bidwell Ohio. I would like to find out more about the trains sand station on this route.

Mari Norman Sunami
Columbus , OH


I found a picture of Howard Norman and crew in historic home I am renovating.

Columbus, OH


Do you have information on this line from Dundas to galiapolis? That's the true designation of this line and I wanted to check a few point along the old right of way, yet can't find anything other than this.

dakota j flowers
logan, OH


The route from Dundas to Gallipolis was continued north of Gallipolis to Kanauga where it merged with the line from WV which crossed the Ohio River next to where stood the Silver Bridge. The line was abandoned in the 1980's. It does not show up on the map. The local park district wanted to create a rails to trails from Gallipolis to Vinton County. However, the original deed(s) reverted the properties back to the land owners should the railroad abandon the right of way. So, only about 5 miles were converted. The court filing in Gallia County (O.O. McIntyre Park District was the defendant) may contain some answers to your questions.



Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/x1u

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