Herminie to Wendel

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Greg Harrison

The railroad shown from Herminie to Wendel was actually part of two railroads. The Andrews Run Branch of the PRR was built from the junction with the Hempfield Branch near Keystone. The Andrews Run Branch extended north to Herminie #2, where Kavel Hill Road is. This was the Ocean Coal Co. #2 Mine. The PRR called this "Oceananco" on their timetables. The PRR branch ended here. The B&O extended the tracks further north to Wendel and served the large Pittsburgh & Baltimore Coal Co. Mine. Wendel was also known as Edna #2. Edna #1 was near Adamsburg. The B&O trains had trackage rights on the PRR from Gratztown on the Yough River through Cowansburg and Herminie to reach this disconnected branch. A miner who worked in the Herminie #2 mine reported the loaded B&O cars from Wendel went to Youngwood on the PRR to be weighed; the B&O brought empty cars to Wendel, but the PRR took the loads to Youngwood.

James Falcsik
Irwin (Hempfield Twp.), PA


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