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Looking north at Fabyan, the track is out of service beyond this point. To the south, the tracks are in use by the Conway Scenic Railroad. The station-like structure is a bar/restaurant. Photo by Mike Palmer, September 2009.

This abandoned portion of line was once part of Maine Central's Mountain Division eastward to Portland, ME. From Hazens, the line headed south to an immediate connection with the North Stratford Railroad (also abandoned) at Quebec Junction (just south of Hazens), then continued south through Crawford Notch, North Conway and Center Conway, from there heading east to Portland.

At Fabyan (see pictures), the line is operated south to Conway by the Conway Scenic Railroad, which operates a tourist train through Crawford Notch.

According to Railpace (Oct. 1983 issue), the last Maine Central through freight operated over this line on Sept. 3, 1983.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA


The tracks from Fabyan Station to Hazen (Whitefield, NH) are not abandoned. Though west of Fabyan Station is not part of the Conway Scenic regular excursions, they do maintain and occasionally run specials west to Hazens.

b&m 1566
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I delivered batteries to the Sears store in Conway and there were tracks just north of the building...........they didn't look in bad shape except for all the vegetation..........that's been about ten years ago though and im guessing they were part of this line

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I have seen people in privately owned rail cars moving along this route. Does anyone know if it is legal to operate modified go-carts on abandoned tracks in New Hampshire?

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