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Map submitted by Lee M.

(Forwarded from the Havana, Lincoln & Eastern Railroad)

I will start by saying i love trains,i lived in the Forreston,Leaf River,Il area most of my life.enjoyed the steam engines,then the diesels. saw many train wrecks. other kids laughed, cause i would drop every thing and run to see train go was sad during the mid 80's to see the track south of Freeport, il disappear!! I do wish that Forreston could have kept the depot! thank you, wish i had pics for you,but was going through a tough divorce.

Ralph Stukenberg
Pearl city, IL


Part of this line is in operation. From somewhere north of Decatur, south to Assumption, the tracks remain. Just the other day, I saw a short train on the tracks near Decatur. The engines pulling the train were marked "Pioneer Lines."

Oakford , IL


Some trivia:

The ROW will be preserved in Dixon (kidhome of Reagan) because the stone bridges were declared historic.

Also Amboy (origin of Carson Pieri Scott dpt store, home of brother of Charles Dickens) was a IC region hub with yard. The region station with a steam loco remain.



There is also a section of this still operating from the cement plant in Oglesby across the "mile long bridge" over the Illinois River to what's left of IC's Lasalle yard where they interchange with the Iowa Interstate.

Ron Johnson
Ottawa, IL


In Amboy, A Grand Trunk Western 0-8-0 is next to the original depot. A caboose is behind the engine. A freight house also sits nearby. It is now a museum. Also the Northern Illinois Interurban went through town. I think the powerhouse is still up.

Jason Learakos
Batavia, IL


"Northern Illinois Interurban went through town" Yeah I posted that track also. It ran from main street Amboy to Lee Center. It ran through?? if so don't know where else it ran to.



Much of the old right of way is visible just to the west of US51, from Pana south to at least the small (and decrepit) small town of Shobonier

oakford, IL


Does anyone know if one can cut trees for firewood on abandoned. R. R sites when there is no track or RR

Ties present?


Steve. Culver
polo, IL


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