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Greg Harrison

This is the former New Haven (Old Colony) station at Chatham, which is now a museum, with NYC caboose 18452. Photo by Mike Palmer, August 2002.

Chatham is on the east side of Cape Cod, at the end of a short branch that joined the New Haven line to Provincetown at Harwich. This line was built in the 1880s and abandoned during the 1930s.

From west to east, the stations were :

  • Harwich
  • Harwich Center
  • South Harwich
  • South Chatham
  • West Chatham
  • Chatham

What was the reason for this line's abandonment?

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I was almost 2 when the photo was taken

Dequante Bazemore
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Not sure why the line was abandoned so soon, since it existed for barely 50 years. Exact year of abandonment was 1938.

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According to a close up of the map, the line ends by Goose Pond. The photo of the station is in Chatham off Rte. 28.

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[Thanks Linda, I corrected the map.  —Greg Harrison]


1938 was the year of the great hurricane in New England, and a bad one for the New Haven line. There was extensive track damage to the Old Colony Line (Cape Cod) and along the coast south through Connecticut. Added to the fall in ridership from automobiles, lingering economic depression and the fact this part of the line never was heavily travelled, it was abandoned.

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My mother -in-law & sister-in-law came into the Chatham depot on the train (from Pawtucket R.I.) in 1927.

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Hi, I'm a photo student looking for an abandoned train car to take photos of for a project. I have seen a few photos of abandoned train cars on cape but have yet to find an address. please comment if you have any information.

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Here's a link for images of abandoned al cars on the Cape:


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My Late Mother-in-law & my late sister-in law (Ginia) rode this train to Chatham in 1926 when Ginia was 2 years old

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Shortened Link: http://a-r.us/a5b

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