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Greg Harrison

This short branch line served a number of coal industries along Bull Creek in northern Virginia. The right-of-way branches from a Norfolk Southern (ex-Norfolk & Western) Buchanan Branch at Harman Junction adjacent to the Levisa Fork River and heads southwest to the small unincorporated town of Harman and the site of a couple of coal tipples.

The date of when this branch was built is unknown, though it does not appear on topographical maps printed as late as 1945.

Harman Mining Company had a small plant along the branch not more than 100 feet from where it switches off the main. Further down the line, Deel Brothers Mining had a coal tipple, which is still standing today. The last customer along the line was the large Harman Preparation Plant in Harman proper; it was also the last remaining customer on the line and closed in 1993, bringing about the abandonment of this branch that same year.

Evidence of the right-of-way still exists today and it is easy to spot on satellite imagery.

Thanks to Chase Freeman for contributing information about this route.

The old Apollo Mine Also was also served by the Harman Branch. Apollo is still producing as of December 23rd, 2011.

Chase Freeman
Grundy, VA


Much of the branch has been turned into a trail with a few spikes and tie plates along the trail from when it was torn up.

Daniel Swiney
Grundy, VA


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