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Greg Harrison

Note: This line is technically not abandoned, but rather considered "out-of-service".

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BNSF Malabar Yard facing south from Pacific Avenue in Vernon. This is the end of active service from the LA side. Photo by Mike Palmer, June 2010.

This line was the AT&SF Harbor Subdivision, which connected the AT&SF Transcon mainline in Vernon (just west of Hobart Yard) to the Los Angeles Harbor at Wilmington. The line was constructed in stages, with the original section built in the late 1800s, and the extension from El Segundo to the harbor was built in the 1920s.

The line had numerous on-line sidings and rail-served industries; over the years most of these have closed. In the 1980s BNSF began running container freight trains from the harbor; the Harbor Subdivision was used to get the trains to the Transcon. A route that had only seen a couple of freights a day eventually had a dozen or more double stack container trains each day, running at all hours.

The heavy rail congestion on this line and others eventually led to the construction of the Alameda Corridor, a grade-separated triple track mainline running along UP's (former SP) route that runs parallel to Alameda Street. The Alamdea corridor opened in April 2002, and BNSF double stack trains were rerouted to the corridor line. The middle segment of the Harbor Sub was then taken "out of service", though it remains available in case of emergency. The line has not seen a train since 2002.

Thanks to Mike Palmer for contributing information about this route.

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The line terminated at the Hermosa Beach Greenbelt at Valley Drive

Benjamin Gonzalez
Buena Park , CA


Some of the track had been removed along Aviation Blvd north of Imperial Hwy by LAX. It doesn't look like a train could get through there now.

Ken Roskos
North Hollywood, CA


The rails remained in place from at least the eastern terminus through LAX, but MTA has begun removing them in Inglewood at Centinela Park in preparation for part of the "Crenshaw" light rail line that will run from the MTA's "Expo Line" to LAX

Mike Romo
Los Angeles, CA


The tracks were still used the odd time after 2002 as I saw flat cars parked there now and then but I think they only used the tracks for storage is my guess so they wouldn't need to spend money on taking them out



The BNSF Bridge in Pic #13 is being demolished starting today for light rail construction. Century Blvd will be closed, no access to LAX from Century BLVD.

Leonard Cravens
Indio, CA


The section of this line (the bridge crossing over Century Blvd. next to Aviation Blvd) was demolished 7/27/14. Video =>

Inglewood, CA


As of November 2014,this line is now severed with the bridge at Century Blvd. demolished and cleared. Rails now terminate at Imperial and Aviation with the former ROW to LAX removed down to the sub-grade.

Dave Forsyth
Torrance, CA


I wonder if they'll build some kind of light rail along the line? It would not be a bad idea with the Rams coming back to LA and most likely will be playing in Inglewood by 2019.

Los Angeles


The portion of this right of way from Crenshaw Blvd. west is part of the under-construction Crenshaw Metro light rail line. It follows the ROW to Interstate 105 where it will connect with the Green Line. The Crenshaw Line will include a connection to a people mover system which will connect directly to LAX terminals

Los Angeles, CA


The track between Imperial Highway (I-105) for several blocks south is now covered in enormous piles of dirt, with tarp covers. For some reason, the crossing gates are still in place, as is the "Lairport" siding sign. The dirt is from the excavation for the line north of 111th Street, just east of the LAX runways, where the new light rail line is below ground level. farther north, a remnant of track crosses Arbor Vitae St.; the new light rail yard is being constructed in that area.

Mike Palmer
Torrance, CA


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