Cottageville to Stokes, SC

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This would be the last section and end of line (just N of Cottageville) of the Hampton and Branchville.

It was built out in this direction in order to cut timber along the west bank of the Edisto. The entire railroad was originally rather lightly built, but the Stokes-Canadys-Cottageville sections were said to be particularly ricketty and on unstable soil.

They were the last of the H&B built and the first abandoned, about 1960 per Fetters _Logging Railroads of SC_. There is a "Depot Street" just north of Cottageville, and a new housing development named some of its streets with railroad motifs, but there aren't any traces of the H&B to be seen past Stokes.

When the H&B got the account switching coal to the SCE&G Canadys power plant (which ended 2013 after the plant was closed), the ACL had built a spur from its Green Pond - Erhardt branch to the plant, which the H&B used instead of rebuilding its old track to Canadys.

Mitch Bailey
Lexington County, SC